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Creativity +  Strategy

Work smarter,
not harder.

Feeling like you’re doing the ultimate juggling act, right? Been there, done that, and got the t-shirt to prove it. But hey, breathe. I’ve got your back! Let me swoop in, take the reins, and handle all that strategic marketing for your business. Because, let’s be real, you deserve to focus on the work that you want to work on. Not the shit that’s weighing you down.

Monthly Retainer

Craving consistent monthly support? Then look no further! I’ll secure a set number of hours exclusively for you. Forget rollover hour headaches—your time is locked in and ready to be used each month. Plus, you can do whatever the heck you need with that time. It allows you the freedom to assign varied tasks. I can refine your brand, craft compelling marketing materials, or master your social. Whatever it is—consider it done. 

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Say hello to a killer brand makeover that’ll make you do a double take—because, let’s face it, who wants to blend in when you were born to stand out? I’ll weave my magic, ensuring your visuals are on point, from your logo to your emails. But hold on, there’s more! Your social media game is about to level up. I’m not just talking about content; I’m talking about a strategy that turns casual scrollers into loyal followers. Oh, and your website? It’s not just a virtual space; it’s your digital storefront, and I’m here to make it the trendiest spot on the internet. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Let’s do this!

Branding & Design

    • Logos & Submarks
    • Color Palette Development
    • Font Curation
    • Moodboards
    • Brand Style Guides
    • Stationary
    • Flyers
    • Presentations
    • eBooks
    • Lead Magnets
    • Sales Sheets

    Social Media Management

    • Strategy and Planning
    • Content Organization
    • Content Repurposing
    • Content Creation
    • Graphic Design
    • Scheduling and Posting
    • Trend and Hashtag Research
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Outbound Engagement

    Marketing & Tech Services

    • Email Automation

    • Newsletter Creation
    • Website Setup & Support
    • Landing and Sales Page Design
    • CRM Maintenance & Support
    • Webinar Setup
    • Course Launch
    • System Integrations